Swiss Chapter of Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society
Dr. Josef Dommen, President
Dunkelhölzlistrasse 12, 8048 Zürich
Tel. 01/ 431. 90.81 E-mail

The fall meeting of the Swiss Chapter will take place on

Saturday, 18, November, 2000, at 10:00 a.m. at

The Paul Scherrer Institute

PSI, a national, multidisciplinary research institute for natural and engineering sciences, has as its main focus the areas of materials science, elementary particle physics, biological sciences, nuclear and non-nuclear energy research. Of the many research activities, we shall get insights into three of them: The Swiss Light Source (SLS), Atmospheric Chemistry and Fuel Cell Development.
The Swiss Light Source is a large circular accelerator to produce sharply focused and brilliant X-ray light. It will be ready for operation in 2001, and it is expected to lead to real progress in materials science, medicine and physics.
Fuel cells are potentially the most efficient converters of liquid and gaseous fuels into electric energy. Work at PSI focuses on the development of low temperature fuel cells for transport applications. A car driven by solid polymer electrolyte fuel cells is planned for the EXPO.
Atmospheric Chemistry: For an assessment of the ecological consequences of energy consumption experimental techniques are required for monitoring the concentrations and the transport of atmospheric pollutants produced upon power generation and energy use. The newest research tool is a van, equipped with a multitude of instruments, which will be able to do the measurements while driving.
For more information visit the web page:

Meeting point: PSI Ost, main entrance
Time: 10:00 h

By car: Brugg - Villigen - Böttstein; turn right outside Villigen at the sign, cross the Aare river
to the east side.
Baden - Kirchdorf - Untersiggenthal - Döttingen; turn left outside Untersiggenthal at
the sign.
NB:It would be helpful, if car drivers could transport members from Brugg train
station to PSI.

By train: Public transportation is bad on weekends. We plan to organize a car shuttle from
Brugg to PSI. Meeting point is 9:45 h at the train station in Brugg.

Lunch at Würenlingen at members own cost (around 13:00h)

Registration Please send the registration form directly to Dr. Josef Dommen at Dunkelhölzlistr.12, 8048 Zürich,
or phone him at 01/491 90 81


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