Swiss Chapter of Sigma Xi
The Scientific Research Society

Members of Sigma Xi and interested guests are invited to visit the

High Mountain Research Site
of the University of Zürich
at Jöri Lake XIII, upper Vereina valley/GR

Saturday - Sunday, 12-13, August
(19-20, August, alternative date in case of bad weather)

guided by Kurt Hanselmann

Microbial Life Strategies under Harsh Environmental Conditions

High up in the mountains, close to the skies, water temperatures are near freezing, darkness under snow and ice lasts for many months, UV-radiation is strong and nutrients are scarce. One wonders how life has adapted to these challenges over evolutionary times and one is constantly amazed about the strategies microbes developed to cope with extreme conditions and how they respond and adapt physiologically to the complex interactions between chemical, geological and atmospheric determinants. High mountain lakes offer ideal sites to study adaptations of organisms to a variety of environmental extremes. The microbial ecology group of the University of Zürich is studying these questions in the lakes of the Jöri catchment, thereby contributing to a worldwide effort aimed at understanding evolutionary processes in extreme environments. The water in the 21 Jöri lakes originates exclusively from rain, snow and ice-melting which makes them interesting aquatic ecosystems for studies about the role of air–born natural components and pollutants on the chemical composition of the water as well. On the excursion, we will also have opportunities to enjoy beautiful landscapes and great views into the alps.

We are looking forward to having as many members and their guests as possible attend the excursion.


Saturday 16:28 Arrival of participants at RhB station Klosters Dorf
17:00 Introducing theme and program of the field trip
18:30 Dinner together at the Pension Buel.
20:00 Preparation of field trip, topographic map Davos 1197, 1:25000

Sunday Breakfast at 06:30
07:26 Departure from Station Klosters Dorf. Surplus luggage may be left in the accompagning car which will be moved to the destination location for pickup.
10:30 Arrival at High Mountain Research Station
16:00 Back at Klosters Platz, station RhB, the latest. Departure for Landquart at 16:28. Arrivals: Zürich 18:30, Bern 20:14, Basel 19:38, Neuchâtel 20:59, Yverdon 21:24, Fribourg 20:43, Lausanne 21:35, Geneva 22:20

Travel Train or private car to Klosters Dorf. Be sure to take the Rhätische Bahn which departs from Landquart at 15.48 and get off at Klosters Dorf (not Klosters Platz). We will meet you at the railroad station Klosters Dorf and guide you to the Pension Buel (Phone 081-422 2669) where we will spend the night.

Clothing Sturdy hiking shoes, suncream and rain-gear are recommended. Pack your own lunch for Sunday’s excursion. The excursion will only take place if the weather conditions are favourable.

Fitness 5 to 6 hours of walking on fairly good paths in mountainous terrain, climbing from 2200 to 2800 m and descending again. The final choice of the route will depend on the weather and the fitness of the participants.
Appropriate alternative excursions have been planned in case the weather will change while we are already there.

Housing We are offered a special price of Fr. 85 at the Hotel/Pension Buel in 7252 Klosters Dorf. Included in the price are: room (double occupancy), breakfast, evening meal, service and taxes. Please contact the hotel at 081-422-26-69 (Fax. 081-422-49-41) directly, identify yourself as a Sigma Xi member if you intend to make use of this special offer, and make your own reservations as soon as possible. Please pay the costs to the hotel management directly.

Insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Please check your REGA membership.

Registration Please send the registration form directly to Dr. Josef Dommen at Dunkelhölzlistr.12, 8048 Zürich,
or phone him at 01/491 90 81, by 6, August.


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